Tropophobia of Tomorrow

Trypophobia, the fear of vaccines. Are vaccines truly something that should be feared among people. With the introduction of the mRNA vaccines for human testing, the Pfizer vacation was produced to assist the immune system in fighting against the coronavirus disease. mRNA vaccines have been researched in the early 1990s as a quicker and more effective method to create vaccines. Though it wasn’t until 2021 that FDA approval for an RNA vaccine had been accepted for Covid-19. Early vaccinations included mixing viruses with certain chemicals such as ammonia to weaken or kill the virus. As long as the shell of the virus survives, the body can make antibodies that memorize the shape of the virus. Newer vaccines used antigens, a much safer and effective method but much slower to produce a vaccine. This was due to waiting for lab subjects, mainly mice or sometimes other animals that the virus didn’t attack, to produce antibodies to the virus. These antibodies are then injected into an egg or other animal for people with allergies. The antibodies from the mice are seen as an intruder to the egg and produce its own antibodies to remove the foreign antibodies. The antibodies that the egg produces are antigens, these antigens have a similar shape to the virus but are harmless proteins the egg produces. These antigens are injected into a patient and are seen as a foreign substance and the body produces its antibodies to remove the antigens. If the patient is exposed to the real virus, the body already has antibodies prepared and helps fight off the disease.  mRNA vaccines skip most of these steps, as a result, it is quicker to produce.  mRNA vaccines instead instruct the cells what proteins to produce, this protein is an antibody that is ready to fight off a certain disease. Most of the time spent is finding the right RNA sequence to make the antibody. RNA is similar to DNA, though DNA is just a storage for genetic code and is copied to form RNA, which is used as a schematic to form a particular protein.  

The benefits that RNA vaccines have are countless, so wide that the term RNA vaccines will eventually have to be renamed as RNA vaccine is the action of injecting an RNA sequence to entrust the cell to make a protein. Proteins don’t just have to be made for vaccines, it could be used for allergies or slow down the aging process. Proteins are like tiny workers inside the body, they are the main workers in the body besides viruses and bacteria mainly used for designation. Proteins form buffers, enzymes, antibodies, make proteins, move and store energy, use ATP synthesis which allows oxygen to be used for energy, and do much more. It would be easier to list what they aren’t capable of. Should this new vaccine raise any concerns or spark fear in people? There is no reason to start a riot, but a lot of negatives due arise with many scientific inventions, and unless regulated could be misused in the wrong hands. 

Some of the concerns of futuristic medicine are present in the modification of DNA. Such as using DNA editing for “making the shy bold or the solemn cheerful, as psychiatrist Peter Kramer observed in his 1993 bestseller Listening to Prozac.” (Bleicher). DNA modification is much more difficult than using RNA as changing DNA is permanent. “Within 30 years, it will probably be possible to make essentially any kind of change to any kind of genome,” says Jennifer Doudna, Ph.D., a professor of chemistry and of biochemistry and molecular biology at UC Berkeley. She became world-renowned in 2012 for her work on a genome-editing tool called CRISPR-Cas9” (Bleicher). While DNA modification is already possible, it’s like drawing the desired outcome on a piece of paper blindfolded with a stick and ink. There’s a lot more risk involved but a lot of benefits that come with it. DNA modification is not necessary to influence someone’s emotion. It’s possible to already start work on a hypnotic enzyme to manipulate emotions with the use of RNA vaccines.

Proteins also can regulate a lot of hormones, such as dopamine and serotonin. Both chemicals that the brain uses to motivate certain behaviors in hopes the host recreates the behaviors. Dopamine is what the brain releases to people addicted to substances to make them feel good. Commonly known as the pleasure chemical or hormones. With RNA vaccines a protein could be created that releases dopamine in the brain when exposed to a certain stimulus or chemical. One of dopamine’s effects on the human is it can help maintain or increase interest in a topic. While useful for learning applications if this was used at a political rally. When a certain topic is about to be presented the chemical or fragrance would be released to increase interest in the topic, basically being used as a hypnotic. If a political rally talked about getting rid of Muslims as the topic and used this dopamine protein, it could encourage more people to agree with the politician and for a longer time period. Especially if the topic and drug were exposed to the same people multiple times. This encouragement to get rid of Muslims wouldn’t be at fault of the people as the dopamine just made them feel better when this topic was introduced.

This is also not futuristic science, a team of scientists has already edited RNA code that naturally exists in the body that used to make serotonin receptors. The scientist modified the RNA to change the serotonin receptors. This research could be used to make a protein that rapidly increases serotonin levels. This is unable to help in the formation of a dopamine-producing protein, and dopamine would be more effective than serotonin as a hypnotic. If the government wants to abuse a protein to use as a hypnotic it wouldn’t take them long to produce one. Unlike the Covid vaccine that is used as an antibody, this one would be used as a protein to make the hormone dopamine. The difference is that it’s easier to make a hormone protein as it’s just chemical reactions rather than long-term testing with the immune system. This kind of protein should still require a couple of years or more to produce. It could take a shorter time depending on previous research and if improvements in producing Rna vaccines have been done. It could take a long time if the chemical reaction required for an anabolic reaction proves difficult. 

The government can mix this into another vaccine and test it in humans without their consent or knowledge. If this tactic of a hypnotic drug was used and later discovered it would be difficult to diagnose the patients involved. Though with the RNA vaccine method there is no DNA stored to reproduce these proteins and would only last for 6 months or less. This is unless the patient’s DNA is altered instead of making it permanent. Without proper precautions and regulations, this could become an issue. Not only RNA vaccines but other new medical treatments could be abused later on, and in many different ways.  

Current RNA vaccines for Covid will not contain proteins to change hormone levels, this could always change and awareness of these potential methods to manipulate emotions should be spread instead of just accepting vaccines without voicing your concerns about possible misuses to a researcher in the right field of biology. Regulations though should be quickly formed to prevent certain scientific research from being done in secret and provide countermeasures or methods to detect unwanted RNA sequences in vaccines, 

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Notes the Covid vaccination is safe for most patients that due not have a prior history to allergies. Symptoms of Covid vaccination may include, faster immune response to Covid-19, allergic reactions, increase in life span as a consequences for not dying from Covid. Other symptoms WILL be present to ask a doctor if you have any concerns about the vaccination, this not to be taken as medical advice.

Personally I have already taken the Covid vaccine, and do encourage other people to do so. This article is to prevent the misuse of medical technology by spreading awareness for future vaccines. Making, producing and using these hypnotic enzymes to mass manipulate people should be outlawed immediately, other possible abuses should also be brought up.

While a hypnotic enzymes could be used as describe in this article is also would have very useful applications. Weight loss, antidepressant, motivation, staying awake, learning, and reducing addiction. + more